Lessons Of The Creed - Helping Others

Lessons Of The Creed - Helping Others
Live The Creed? You hear it a lot from us, and you see it written on every order we ship out. But what are we really talking about?

When we reference the Creed we are talking about this one found on our website. It is the foundation for building the products that we do and is the guide to how we live our life. 

The Creed is not just a marketing scheme, we would build these kits for free if we didn't have families to feed. The terrorist bombings in Brussels highlight the reason we Live The Creed

I was just reading a story about a man who was at the Airport when the explosions went off, luckily he was far enough away not to be injured. In the aftermath of the bombings Police and first responders didn't show up for minutes. That is precious time when people are bleeding out on the floor. The man saw a child who was bleeding moderately and tried to help, but the man only had a tissues and could not stop the bleeding.
Our Creed says: Be God's Hands, So Others May Live.
The situation above is exactly what we are talking about, being a Sheepdog is not just about you or your family. It is about Living a Life of Purpose and stepping up to help someone when they need it most. It is about coming together as a society and being there to help others.

In Sparta it was dishonorable to return home from battle without your shield but with your helmet. The Spartan King explained that the Helmet is put on for your own protection, while the Shield is for the common good of all. 

Think about that for a minute and ask yourself, am I carrying a Shield or a Helmet throughout the day?
Being a manufacture of trauma medical kits I have to wonder what if that man or even a couple of the survivors at the Airport & Metro blasts were carrying at least a Pocket Trauma Kit? 
Could they have saved lives? Quite Possibly.  
Could they at least have helped render aid to that innocent bleeding boy until first responders came? Absolutely. 

Let us not only wear our helmets but also carry a shield so that we may protect the innocent and show the world that there is good in the midst of evil. 

That is all for now, get out there and LIVE THE CREED.

Jonathan Barbera - Owner

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