National Stop The Bleed Month

National Stop The Bleed Month

May is National Stop The Bleed Month, it has been designated as such by the Government in an effort to increase the public's awareness on the basics of modern day bleeding control, including the use of Tourniquets and Hemostatic agents. 

While these items may seem very foreign to the untrained, they are very easy to use and can easily be the difference between life and death for the victim. Every year thousands of people die from trauma that otherwise could have been saved from a bystander stepping up and stopping the bleeding. 

If you have purchased our gear but have not yet attended any related training, now is the time to get an introductory course for free. Having an IFAK is a great start, but without the knowledge on how to properly use the trauma supplies within you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when the bleeding starts. 

Recently we had a customer named Zach be the first on scene to a bad wreck. He was traveling and in a rental car, but did not forget to pack his Gunfighter IFAK with him. The car had been slammed into a concrete pillar on the drivers side. The drivers foot was nearly amputated off and was bleeding badly. To get to the victim he had to climb through the rear passenger door to get inside and apply a tourniquet above the partially amputated left foot. He then used compressed gauze on the other lacerations.

When the firefighters arrived they had to peel the car apart to get the man out, but thanks to Zach's quick work to stop the bleeding the man survived. 

In the month of May there are going to be a ton of FREE Bleeding control courses held around the US to help get this information out there. Visit to find a class near you this month and get the training you need to save somebody's life. For those wondering, we are going to be rolling out our own training program in Q3 of this year. 

Having the government get behind our mission is a huge help in increasing the IMPACT that our company can have. Our customers are stepping up in times of need, sometimes saving lives, and other times just lending a helping hand and some bandages. 

So thank you for Living The Creed, we couldn't be prouder. 

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